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~ Friday, August 22 ~

So it’s about 2:30 and I finish up closing the restaurant. I’m coming down the stairs and I notice a pickup truck pull up and very obviously park in front of the restaurant. There is nothing open on our street so a red flag goes off in my head. A large man gets out, walks towards the restaurant and then sharply turns and goes to the gas station on the corner, maybe having seen me. We just got really nice patio furniture, all solid wood, which would be difficult to take unless you were a large person with a pickup truck. So I turn off some more lights and take another look out front. The man walks back past and gets in his truck and drives off. I finish up, leave out the back and drive around the building. Off to the left I see a car driving back towards the restaurant and it appears to be the same truck. So I take a left to intentionally cross paths with the vehicle. Sure enough, it’s the same truck. It drives back towards the restaurant so I turn around to follow it. It pulls off to the side on the street and lets me pass and we exchange glances. He then pulls out behind me and we pull up to a red light. I make a right and he follows. I pull through the next light to see if he circles around to go back to the restaurant but he follows. I drive through a few lights and turn down a random street and he follows. He trails back far away and is now clearly following me. We pull up to the next red light and he is basically sitting on top of me. I keep my eye on my rear view mirror to see if he is going to get out, I have no idea what’s going to happen at this point. All of the sudden he whips the truck out to my left, into the wrong traffic lane and pulls up beside me. He rolls down his window and I slowly roll down mine.

"Do you want a blow job?"
"No, I think I’m good."
"You sure? I’ll pay you money." 
"No thanks." 

He drives off. Stay weird, Baltimore. 

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FKA Twigs | “Two Weeks

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PARTYNEXTDOOR // Recognize ft. Drake

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